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About Me

Hi! Thank you for being here. Read below to get to know a little more about my journey, how I got to where I am and how it can in turn, help you return to wholeness.

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My Story

I struggled for years with unresolved trauma stemming from a childhood that was rooted in abandonment and abuse. My mental and physical health took the brunt of it and without even realizing it, I survived purely on adrenalin, alcohol and poor coping skills. As someone who spent much of their life purely just surviving and treading water just to stay afloat, I suppressed my trauma and tried to carry on in life. However, as I’ve learned, trauma stores itself in the body and over time, my body just couldn't handle anymore, and it collapsed, metaphorically and literally.


It is hitting rock bottom and partaking in my own healing journey that has been the catalyst for my desire to help others to shift from a life of purely surviving to truly thriving, because I get it. I know what it’s like to feel the darkness creep in from all four corners of life and not know where to turn. 


How did I turn things around you ask?

I started exercising and moving my body, eating whole foods, cutting down on sugar and drinking less. I stopped eating processed food and lost 50 pounds in the process. I finally felt in control of my physical health for the first time in my life. I continued to move my body, through all the ups and downs as I realized it was just as important for my mental health as it was for my physical health. This, coupled with my knowledge of how powerful nutrition is for our body and my own therapeutic and spiritual journey is how I began to return home to myself.

I have always been passionate about making a difference but it was truly through my own transformation that I knew I needed to do this work, to help others, find a way out of their darkness and support them to find their way back home to themselves. Holistic nutrition aligned with my values and beliefs, as a key tool to help others in their journey, so I went back to school and obtained my diploma in Holistic Nutrition from CSNN.  Learning how critical the actual nutrients in food are for our entire being, really inspired me to share this powerful knowledge with others. 

Combining my own lived experience, my professional knowledge in how gut health and mental health are so connected, my belief in the power of movement, mindfulness and meditation and my willingness to take a whole mind, body and spirit approach, lends itself to just a few reasons why I will be able to help YOU on your own journey to better health from the inside out. 

I am here to hold space for you and meet you where you are so you always feel seen and heard. If you are ready to take your health back into your own hands and live a healthy and fulfilling life from the inside out,  book in for a free 15-minute discovery call so we can find what aligns best for you. I so look forward to walking alongside you, on your journey to wholeness.

Areas of Expertise 

Digestive and Microbiome Health

Nutrient Benefits for Total Body Health

Nervous System Regulation

Mental Wellness & Whole Body Health

Food/Mood Connection & Embodiment

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